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Pork belly of Cuneo is a versatile salami, excellent from appetizers to main courses

After salting, rigorously carried out by hand, the Pancetta is folded “to book” or rolled up and then seasoned.

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Pork belly of Cuneo is a typical products of the homonymous area.


Identikit and main features

The has a cylindrical form, if rindless, or “book-like”, if with rind and folded. Resistant to touch, the lean parts has a deep reddish-pink colour while the fat is milk white. Slices has good thickness, the fragrance is delicate and gently spiced. It is tasty, not too salty. It can weight from 2.5 to 5 kg. It is realised using fresh meats only, not frozen, of 9 months old pigs with at least 144 kg of weight.

Area of production

The area is the Cuneo province.


The origins of the pork belly of Cuneo date to an ancient farmer tradition linked to the breeding of pigs. This tradition has been handed down through the centuries and, thanks to the favourable environment conditions, it has made the Cuneo province one of the most important centre of pig breeding.

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