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In Alba, the first cheese auction

At the headquarters of the WinExperience Association, 15 lots consisting of unique cheeses will be sell. The proceeds will be donated to charity for the San Cassiano project – In the social sector “con il cuore in mano”.

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Saturday, November 30th, at 5.15 pm, the first edition of the Cheese Auction organised by the Francesco Rabbia Dairy, from 1890 active in Ruffia, is scheduled. The undisputed protagonists of the evening will be 100% Piedmontese and Cuneo style “tome”, exclusively made with raw milk, formed in copper boilers and wrapped by hand. The appointment is scheduled at the WinExperience Association, in Alba, Via Urbano Rattazzi 2.

Unique seasoned and hand-painted cheeses, numbered shapes and refinements by masters of taste: the Cheese Auction will show the best of the local cheese production under the towers of Alba. But not only. Thanks to the synergy with the producers members of the WinExperience Association, some lots will be embellished with vintage bottles.

Enhancement of the tradition is in the first place: for this reason, only cheeses made from a controlled supply chain, raw milk, will be sell, formed and bandaged by hand according to ancient Piedmontese recipes. Do not miss the PDO Bra Duro and Raschera which will be presented after long aging, over 9 nine months. There will be space  also to art, in fact over 30% of the cheeses brought up for auction will be made unique by the work of art of some artists and photographers active in the province, to which some selected designs within the project will be added. social L”L come LAtte”, “F come Formaggio”.

The cheeses weigh will be between 300 grams and 5 kilos,  to satisfy the most varied gastronomic passions of those present and making the Auction accessible both to enthusiasts, curious gastronomes and to restaurateurs, chefs and entrepreneurs. The 15 lots will present whole shapes, heterogeneous kits with different aged cheeses, numbered “toma cheeses”, blue cheeses, Piedmontese traditional cheeses and others inspired by French neighbours. The auction base of the lots will vary between 35 and 60 euros. The sequel will be in the hands of those present and will contribute to the social sector of the area.

The proceeds of the Auction will in fact be donated to charity for the San Cassiano Project – In the social sector “con il cuore in mano”. With the collaboration of LiSport – Sport Association and Osteria Sociale MagnaNeta.

At the end, refreshments will be organised by the Francesco Rabbia Dairy. The event is organised in collaboration with LoveLanghe Tour.


5.15 pm: Reception, registration of participants

5.30 pm: Greetings

5.45 pm: Start of the Auction

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