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“Io, Leonardo” film at the Filatoio in Caraglio

On Friday, November 29th at 9 pm, on the occasion of the exhibition “The other canvas by Leonardo. The ingenious inventions of textile machines “, the Filatoio di Caraglio organises, in collaboration with the cinema managed by the Contardo Ferrini association, the screening of the film” Io, Leonardo “.

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A surprising Luca Argentero will revive on the big screen the most brilliant mind that human history has ever known and the most popular protagonist of universal culture. The film of the Cinema D’Arte Sky, will lead to the discovery of the man, the artist, the scientist, the Tuscan inventor through a unique journey, engaging and fascinating in the mind of Leonardo da Vinci, with a new look very far from the stereotypes which is usually described.

The 10-euros admission ticket will allow you to watch the film and visit the exhibition dedicated to the great Renaissance master and the innovative techniques he experimented with in the textile sector, at the Filatoio di Caraglio (Thursday-Saturday 2.30-7.00 pm, Sunday and Bank holidays 10.00am-7.00pm) until 16th February 2020.

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