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Umberto Galimberti at the Mirafiore Foundation

The next meeting in the Foundation is with Umberto Galimberti who will hold a meeting on Saturday, November 30th at 6.30 pm, entitled “Man in the age of technology”.

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Umberto Galimberti is an Italian philosopher, sociologist, psychoanalyst and academic. He is known to the general public for his articles on the Republic and for the column he holds every week on the Saturday insert, dedicated to the search for meaning. Graduated with the great Emanuele Severino at the Catholic University of Milan, his philosophical research never stopped and was grafted, precisely, on the studies of psychoanalysis, psychiatry and sociology. At the centre of his attention is man and his relationship of harmony or antagonism with nature.

At the Foundation, the Professor will offer a lesson on the topic that is closest to his heart and that is the foundation of all his reflection in recent years: the relationship between man and technique.

A reflection that touches all of us up close, even when we do not think about it philosophically, in a historical era in which our whole life is imbued with increasingly sophisticated technology to which we “trust” without fully understanding it, much less without really dominate it …

At the end of the meeting, for those who wish, it will be possible to have dinner at the Osteria Disguido with a la carte menu, only by reservation, by writing to or by calling 0173 626442.

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