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Waiting for Christmas: stories and tales for mums, dads and kids

On Saturdays November 20th, December 7th and 14th at the Civic Library the traditional appointment with songs, rhymes and snack together is back.

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With upcoming the Christmas holidays, in Mondovì, as tradition, the appointments of the literary-theatrical review “Waiting for Christmas”, dedicated to the audience of younger readers, are back. The exhibition, part of the initiatives of the project “Born to Read – Piedmont”, carried out in the Mondovì area with the financial competition of the Compagnia di Sanpaolo of Turin, was created to give the opportunity to rediscover the pleasure of spending moments with family, leaving away the frenzy of modernity, to stimulate children and adults to approach books in a creative and active way. The first appointment is scheduled on Saturday 30th November, the others on 7th and 14th December. All appointments are free, they will start at 3.30 pm and end with the traditional snack together. Here, in detail, the programme:

Saturday 30th Novemeber – 3 pm, The true story of Little Red Riding Hood by GHISSBROSS (Sara and Simone Ghirlanda) Is Little Red Riding Hood really a good girl? Which mother would send her child alone in the woods? Is the Wolf as bad as they paint it? But above all … Why did Grandma go to live alone in the woods?

Saturday 7th December  –  3.30 pm A new Cinderella by GHISSBROSS (Sara and Simone Ghirlanda) What a beautiful new family! A superb and wicked stepmother with two arrogant and jealous daughters! Luckily there is the Fairy Good mother, a fairy better than the Winx … which with its good taste will donate a fashionable dress to the girl and a pair of very  trendy shoes! The prince will not be able to resist her …

Saturday 14th December – 3,30 pm Yes…. I wait, but how much is missing ?! by and with Elisa Dani

City of Mondovì, Corso Statuto 15 – 12084 Mondovì (CN) – Tel. 0174 / 559.211 – Pec

You can wait for the good night kiss, for the cake to be ready, for it to stop raining, for Christmas to come, for the train to arrive … We expect a letter, the arrival of a little brother or the return of spring and also expects to to grow up! How many times a day do you hear this little word: “Wait!” So … Why not tell stories that collect the impatience of waiting and all its emotions … Yes, I wait … but how much is missing ?!

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