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La Morra meets Gianni Farinetti

The writer Gianni Farinetti returns to La Morra to tell us about his new book “La bella stranuta”, as always published by Marsilio. His overwhelming sympathy will be contained by Luca Glebb Miroglio who will lead the meeting, hosted in the church of San Sebastiano in via Umberto, Saturday 30th November, at 6pm.

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PAESI TUOI Via Umberto 20 – 12064 La Morra tel. 0173-509479


It will be an opportunity to continue the acquaintance with the magnificent characters of Farinetti, starting from the mythical Marshal Buonanno, to Sebastiano Guarienti, up to the last of his very nice fellow citizens. A crime offers the writer, as always, an opportunity to describe with intelligence and humour the small world of the small towns of the Alta Langa.

A toast will follow at the end of the meeting at the Libreria “Paesi Tupi” offered by the “Cantina Terre del Barolo”.

The initiative is organised by the bookshop “Paesi Tupi”  in collaboration with “Eventi & Turismo La Morra”.

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