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Antiques market in Savigliano

Sunday, December 1st, from 7 am to 7 pm, in the historical centre of the city of Savigliano, will take place the last appointment with the antiques market scheduled for 2019. You can share the emotions that feel collectors or amateurs looking for old evidence of the past among furniture , prints, books and many other objects on display.

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The antiques market is, in fact, a moment of sharing and exchange between professionals in the sector, but also between impromptu sellers who have recovered interesting pieces in their own cellar or in that of their families.

From early morning Piazza Santarosa, Piazza Del Popolo and its arcades will be populated with objects, sometimes rare, sometimes very common, but all full of charm for the life stories they carry with them. Mostly furniture, but also books, bicycles, records, kitchen tools and various trinkets. A social value, but also a cultural one, that of the sale of second-hand goods, which is an expression of an ancient phenomenon and which belongs for centuries to the history of our civilization.

The markets that animate the historic centres of the province of Cuneo in all the seasons of the year represent a way to gather all together in one place, to discuss, barter, buy. In Savigliano the market has a long tradition, it is much awaited by the inhabitants and exhibitors and stalls are more than 180 in the various editions, a colourful cordon that liven up the two main squares of the city.

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