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Ancient fair od Santa Lucia in Ceva

On 11th December the inhabitants of Ceva will welcome visitors to the Ancient Fair of Saint Lucia – Fair and zoo technical review of Piedmontese breed cattle.

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The Santa Lucia Fair, whose origins date back to the Middle Ages, includes the Great Christmas Market, the “Know and Taste the Meat at the Fair … of S. Lucia” project that promotes the meat of the Cebano area and offers the possibility of tasting traditional meat dishes in the local restaurants. In addition, street food with the traditional “battuta al coltello”, the livestock Market and the Agricultural Machines.

This traditional trade and tourist event  held at the end of the year, allows you to find typical agricultural and food and wine products, visiting antique markets and Christmas crafts, rediscovering local customs and traditions. The protagonist of the event is the tripe soup that was once served in the inns.

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