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National Fat Ox Fair and Morozzo Capon Fair

CarrĂ¹ from 12th to 15th December will be the capital of the Piedmontese mart with the 109th National Fat Ox Fair.

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Since 1910 the fair is not only a traditional commercial and folkloristic event, but is also a celebration of the Langa inhabitants. The intense cold, the first light of dawn, the spontaneous songs, the delivery of the coveted “coats of arms” and then the “bollito” that is served in the heated pavilion of the “Bollito no stop” from 9 am until evening, are the main peculiarities of the event. The fair represents the repetition of an ancient rite, the perpetuation of the poetry of the past, in the sign of joy and sharing.

On Sunday, December 15th, the CarrĂ¹ Fair will unite not only symbolically with the Morozzo Cappone Fair, but also with the Shuttle of Flavours. On the occasion of the Christmas festivities, tradition has it that a tasty second course is prepared: the capon, which is celebrated in Morozzo by the tasty meat during the Capon Fair. The origins of the fair date back to the period of Napoleon’s passage in Italy, when the sharecroppers brought as a gift for Christmas a couple of capons to the owners of the land they cultivated. Today the month of December in Morozzo means “capon fair”, which is held every year, offering the opportunity to buy capons – among the best in the world – that will enrich the tables set for Christmas.

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