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“The great silence” at the Toselli Theatre in Cuneo

On Friday 6th December at 9.00 pm, “IL SILENZIO GRANDE” by Maurizio De Giovanni will be staged, directed by Alessandro Gassmann with Massimiliano Gallo, Stefania Rocca, Monica Nappo, Paola Senatore, Jacopo Sorbini.

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The Neapolitan writer Maurizio De Giovanni is the author, for the first time, of a new comedy in two acts, directed by Alessandro Gassmann, entitled “Il silenzio grande”. After the adaptation of Someone Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, De Giovanni and Gassmann bring to the stage the complexity of family relationships, of time that passes, in the place where our lives change over the years: the house.

“I imagine a show where the truths, that the protagonists say, sometimes scream or whisper, can make you recognise, where, as always happens in the most dramatic moments, laughter can explode, fun, in short, life. This is one of the functions that the theatre can have, that of telling us how we are, we could be or even what we could have been. This story then has very big surprises in it, mysteries that only a great mystery writer like Maurizio De Giovanni would have been able to handle with this skill and that really make it a small contemporary classic […] We do this at the theatre, or at least we strive to do, we desperately seek the truth, and trust in your desire to believe it. “

Alessandro Gassmann


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Tickets are on sale on the day of the show starting at 4pm, at the theatre box office (via teatro Toselli 9)

At the theatre box office it is also possible to buy tickets with 18app and Carta Docente.

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