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Uri Sapori Condivisi

In Roddino Kim and Federica succeeded in unifying the Langhe tradition with its flavouring tastes and the Korean cuisine creating a special contamination between two different food cultures.

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Località Po­rine, 4 – 12050 Roddino


This business partnership between Federica and Kim has become also a life partnership for them, who dreamed about this since they were children. When she was 4,  she played in the courtyard, she imagined to prepare meringues in a restaurant; while, he, in the South Korea, knew since childhood that cooking was his fate, also because his parents had a restaurants. Then he had the possibility to work with the Italian chef Antonino Canavacciuolo and this experience was only the beginning of news adventures and great chances for him.

Federica and Kim  met each other working in “Massimo Camia’s” restaurant and then they continued thei experience at Davide Palluda’s ’“Enoteca” in Canale and at da Ugo Alciati’s.  In this way they understood that joining their cultural heritages would unify them also in the private life and then they decided to open  their own restaurant: Uri Sapori Condivisi.

Uri is a Korean word which means “we”, “ours” and indicates, in particular, a sense of community, union and family. This term represents intention to share with all the costumers the passion for the special flavours.

Kim loves to experiment and he is always looking for best quality products inside and outside the local territory, to create recipes which exalt the authenticity of the raw materials. His aim is to realise healthy and tasting dishes, with simple ingredients such as the vegetables he cultivates in his garden, without creams or sauces, but choosing the simplicity to respect the raw materials, the real protagonists of the recipes.

At Uri you will find two menus: a traditional one and another more innovative. Regarding the piedmontese tradition you can taste, for example, beef slices with tuna sauce, the typical “Battuta di Fassona” (knife cut Fassona meat) , fresh pasta such as tajarin, plin filled with meat and lamb. The pasta is rigorously handmade exactly as bread and grissini. The second menu offers (nothing to do with the Korean cuisine, as many believe thinking about Kim’s origin) a crunchy guinea fowl “sandwich” made of two waffles, with guinea fowl meat cooked in the pan, salad and Bernese sauce. It is served in foil and it  is consumed as well as a sandwich, with no cutlery. In addition you can try the “ottoke”: a Korean crumpet filled with cinnamon, sunflower seeds, honey, raisin and hazelnuts, instead of peanuts as the original recipe: this specialty is a mix between the piedmont tradition and the Kim’s one.

The restaurants is elegant and informal, bright and essential, but at the same time it is also fine and original: cutlery is put in the middle of each tables in a special box, exactly as the Korean tradition wants.

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