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“Autumn is … theatre” with the company “Colline 50”

On Saturday, December 7th, at 9 pm, the exhibition “AUTUNNO E ‘… TEATRO” continues with the company “COLLINE 50” by Canelli masterfully guided by the actor and director Walter Meschiati.

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“COUNTACH” is a new work of acting, music, song and dance set in the time period from the 20s to the 80s. It all revolves around the life of an Italian, who, in the first post-war period, emigrated first to Argentina, then from there to the United States to finally return to Italy in the mid-30s, or in the “roaring years”. The epic of this new Ulysses, will end in the early 80s. In short, a journey through an important historical period and full of events, never judged in the text, but simply told. Of course, the  plot is enriched by feelings, from personal events, both of the protagonist and of the other characters. The passage of time will be punctuated by music, costumes and projections. The title of the work is none other than the oldest and most typical Piedmontese exclamation (Bertone used it as a name for the legendary Lamborghini “Countach”).

Admission  free.

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