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Events at the Castle – Manta

Special thematic visits to get to know the protagonists of the history of the Castle.

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FAI – Castello della Manta
Tel. e fax 0175/87822


On Saturday 7th December – 10.45 am – 12.30 pm – 3.00 pm – 4.30 pm TELL YOU THE CASTLE: THE PROTAGONISTS

Every century gives us leading personalities who have left a profound trace in the artistic evolution of the Castle. Without Valerano’s work with Clemenzia Provana, lords of Manta, and Tommaso III with Margherita de Roussy, Marchesi di Saluzzo, today, we could not admire the extraordinary cycle of frescoes in the Baronial Hall. If in the mid-sixteenth century the cousins ​​Michele Antonio and Valerio, counts Saluzzo della Manta, had not enlarged the manor, we would not have the Salone delle Grottesche and the Galleria with the apartments of the family. Until the seventeenth century and the passage of the Savoy to the Manta with the Duke Carlo Emanuele I.

Dedications, mottos, monograms and portraits tell us about the gentlemen of the Manta: a new path to give a face to those who have lived this splendid place for centuries.

Thanks to the Les Ducs des Alpes project / I Duchi delle Alpi financed under the cross-border cooperation program between France and Italy ALCOTRA (Axis III Land attractiveness).

Sunday 8 December – 2.00 pm – 3.00 pm – 4.00 pm – GUIDED TOURS IN MUSIC

During the afternoon visits, inside the sixteenth-century Sala delle Grottesche, the voices of the Vocaleight octet will propose ancient Christmas carols.

Manual laboratories will also be active for the creation of nice gift tags and greeting cards.


FAI member and resident in Manta: 5 euros

Full price: 11 euros

Reduced (children 6 -18 years): 5 euros

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