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Magic Saturdays in December

At the Magic Museum in Cherasco the magic Saturdays begin with guided tours, great shows and workshops for children aged 4 to 10 years.

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Saturday 7th December

Show with the magician Budini in IL TRUCCO C’È… MA NON CI CREDO  (Half-serious and very cheerful journey in the magic repertoire of the magician Budini).

Journey into the magic repertoire of the magician Budini. The magician brings to the stage a strange suitcase that contains all the magical wonders gathered around the world giving life to fantastic situations and hilarious gags. We will go from the wizard in frac and cylinder with lots of doves to the acrobatic half-magician and half-clown clown, to the comedian Alì Budinì Balabin Bambu, to the cowboy Calamita Johns in Super Budinì with his alien powers.

Saturday, December 13th – mysterious guest

The museum opens at 3.00 pm with a guided tour. At 4.15pm Magic show lasting 60 minutes. At the end, magic workshop for all participants. Each child will be given a Magic Play Kit. Closing activity at 6pm – (three hours in the world of magic and fantasy). Children bring the adults. They will have fun too.

Entrance to the museum, show, workshop and magic kit: € 10 (children under 4 free).

Subscription offer for the 4 shows: € 35

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