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A look on Milan: Terrammare – Sicily lands in Milan

The new 100% Sicilian restaurant that explores the cuisine of Modica and Scicli by chef Peppe Barone and Stefania Lattuca, after twenty years of experience at Fattoria delle Torri in Modica, Ammare in Scicli and 5 years traveling in the Italian locations of Eataly, lands in Milan in via Giuseppe Sacchi at 8, in full Brera.

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di Nadia Toppino

Terrammare is a combination of that hinterland that every Sicilian loves, that house to which one always aspires to return when one is far away, and the sun and the salinity of the sea, for a story that touches centuries of cultures and traditions.

“After numerous experiences in Italy, I wanted to bring a creative and Mediterranean cuisine to Milan. This project started 25 years ago as a sentimental and social redemption for Sicilian women in the kitchen and developed in the “Fattoria delle Torri” restaurant in Modica, to which are added the teachings of Luigi Veronelli, my mentor now 35 years ago” – says chef Peppe Barone.

Among the most iconic recipes of the chef there is pasta with sardines he has revisited in a modern key: the “Milanese risotto brought to the sea”, symbol of the synthesis between Sicilian cuisine and that of Milan, carnaroli rice, saffron, white lobster shrimp, ┬álemon and caper powder; the leg of rabbit glazed; the “Milanese according to us” which wants to be a provocation to the classic Milan style.

Via Giuseppe Sacchi 8, Milan (MI) Tel.+39 3488074828 mail

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