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Paolo Crepet at the Mirafiore Foundation

The next meeting scheduled at the Foundation is with Paolo Crepet, who will hold an event  entitled “Freedom” on Friday 6th December at 7.00 pm.

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Back again to the Foundation, Crepet is a writer who over the years has addressed some fundamental themes about human: passion, love, courage, happiness …, and  now he has reached the most profound reflection, about FREEDOM that is precisely at the centre of his latest book, just released for Mondadori.

For Crepet, freedom is not something that can be touched or seen, but rather an impulse – sometimes barely perceptible, sometimes unrestrained – present in each of us and capable of opening doors, lifting dusty rugs, shaking unexpected winds, challenge reassuring everyday life. Freedom, he tells us, is that feeling that takes you when there is a threshold to cross, with a state of mind in which fear and courage coexist, fear of abandoning what you know and an irresistible attraction to the unknown.

As an intimate awareness of craving, mirage, yearning, vision, freedom that can be found everywhere, even in the most unexpected places: in a prison, in a cloistered convent, in a hospital room, in a concert hall , in a scientific laboratory, in a reception centre for migrants. This is demonstrated by the biographies of the people chosen by Crepet as companions and guides in this exploratory itinerary, as each has been able to conquer, in the hard confrontation with the laws and rules of tradition and the present, its own space of freedom in which to cultivate an idea of future and hope.

At the end of the meeting, for those who wish, it will be possible to have dinner at the Osteria Disguido with a la carte menu, only by reservation, by writing to or by calling 0173 626442.

Free admission.

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