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Orizonte, a timeless journey

Orizonte is the title of the editorial project by Francesca Marengo that will be presented along with the art historian Emanuela Genesio on Friday 13th December 2019 by Alec, Associazione Alec Gianfranco Alessandria, in Alba in Via Vittorio 30 at 9.00 pm.

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Orizonte recounts, using images and texts, the journey that led Ettore and Federico Craveri to travel by sea and by land to various regions of the nineteenth-century northern central Americas. The exotic, the encounter with the other, the wonder of the different or the nostalgia of a land that can be called home are the themes that unfold from those texts and photographs published in the volume Orizonte.

The editorial project by Francesca Marengo, orchestrated by elytron graphics, Roberto Necco, is born in the birthplace of the Craveri brothers, the Craveri Civic Museum of Natural Sciences in Bra. In addition to the naturalistic collection of Craveri explorers, the Museum nowadays contains traces of their American journey: objects, historical documents and in particular the travel diaries of Federico and Ettore, a daily tale of explorations, which amount to more than two thousand pages .

These texts, selected and re-elaborated, are collected in Orizonte and juxtaposed with varied photographic material, taken from the discovery of a forgotten collection of photographs of the time and from new images, a summary of the museum’s naturalistic collection.

On December 13th, Emanuela Genesio and Francesca Marengo propose the story of that timeless journey, stopping on some readings of the notebooks published in the text, commenting on the archive photographs poetically reworked by Francesca. Together with the vision of some of these works exhibited at the Alec Association, the public will be able to hear the soundtrack of the young photographer and electronic music composer Matteo Nisticò, who has created an equally visionary musical correlative of the Craveri brothers’ journey.

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