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A look on Turin: a royal break

It is possible to taste the “snack” as it was once used in old times, in the 1700s or in the 1800s.

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by Nadia Toppino

Have you ever thought of giving a snack for Christmas?

Surely, or maybe, not.

EccoTurismo Turin and the Province thought of it.

Just go in one of the participating coffee bars and enjoy a snack as people  used to do  in the eighteenth century (€ 10) – based on hot chocolate and sweets to dip – and then, in the nineteenth century (€ 12) with the “Bicerin”, the Turin drink made with chocolate, coffee and milk cream!

The Royal Snack is served!

It can be also a perfect Christmas gift!

The voucher can be purchased in the participating premises:

Caffè San Carlo  Castello di RivoliMuseod’ArteContemporanea  CaffèReale Caffè Elena GelateriaPepino ModernaTorrefazioneCaffè Gerla Torino To Ristorante PasticceriaCaffetteria Palazzo Madama Torino Paola Virano Rina Amato Luisa Cicero Ruben Abbattista Francesca Leon Cristina Pellerino Francesca Musso EmanuelaGiorgini Carla Gatti Michele Fassinotti Daniela Broglio Marcella Gaspardone Paola Lamborghini Elena Bruson Veronica Rossi Roberta Rossetti Cristina Cerutti

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