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“Combat Folk Tour” in Cherasco

The Salomone theatre in Cherasco is already half sold out for the afternoon concert of the trio, specially formed in these two months, Stefano Cisco Bellotti (Modena City Ramblers), Francesco Moneti (backbone of the current MCR) and Luca Lanzi (singer of the Casa del Vento), scheduled for Sunday, December 15th at 6 pm.

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The tour, entitled “Combat Folk”, perfectly summarizes the universe where the three musicians have built their musical path. “Novecento”, “Pioggia nera”, “La notte di San Severo” are some of the songs they will propose from the Cheraschese stage, the only appointment in the whole of Piedmont, on December 15th, emblem of that disc released 18 years ago as Cisco’s unique work with the Casa del Vento. However, there will be no lack of the warhorses of Modena such as “Ebano”, “Cento passi” “Carretera austral” and some tracks by Cisco soloist.

So far all the scheduled evenings have been sold out: in just over two months there will be 24 musical events in many Italian provinces from north to south, from Pisa to Como, from Naples to Ravenna, from Arezzo to Palermo, with a stage even in Switzerland.

Among the uniqueness of this tour, there is also the presence on the stage of “Mare di Mezzo”, the guitar that was built by a luthier from Cortona, Giulio Carlo Vecchini, who assembled it using some wood from barges coming to Lampedusa from Africa, played by Moneti, is following the trio around Italy.

In order not to be without a ticket, it is strongly recommended to buy it in advance: the concert is in the afternoon, Sunday, December 15th at 6.00 pm, ticket € 15.

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