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“At Christmas give the theatre”

Also this year the Teatro Sociale G. Busca di Alba proposes “At Christmas give the theatre” to give the opportunity to buy season tickets for friends and relatives for the Christmas holidays.

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On Thursday 12th and 19th December, the box office will be open from 3.00 am to 7.00 pm for purchasing e and Christmas package.

After the season ticket campaign, which sold out for some prose shows, there are still plenty of places available for the following events.

Excellent seats are still available for PIANO SOLO, the concert with Stefano Bollani who will perform on Wednesday 18th March 2020 at 9.00 pm in the magnificent setting of the two open rooms. Stefano Bollani is an unpredictable artist. There is never a predefined programme for his concerts. Each evening is unique, as he has ability to entertain the public with stories and anecdotes.

Special attention deserves then the show on 8th March 2020, at 9.00 pm on the occasion of Women’s Day. Marco Falaguasta in “NEO IL TEMPO DI PIACERSI” will cheer us up by telling us in a funny way the generational differences between those who were young in the 80s and, now fifty years old, he finds himself managing the relationship with teenage children.

For those who love dialectal comedies there is the possibility of purchasing both season tickets and single tickets for the shows of the “Theatre of the Territory” which includes three appointments. On Saturday 8th February at 9.00 pm with “NOIOSS !!” back Oscar Barile who, with his usual comic verve, presents us with a comedy about the relationship between children and fathers when they become a bit “noioss !!!!” (boring). On Saturday, February 15th, at 9.00 pm, the musical show “INTERNO 12” with Pippo Bessone, Claudio Dadone, the Orchestra Bluette and the amusing stories of Padre Flip. The show ends on Saturday 22nd February, again at 9.00 pm with “LA VERITA’

DI FREUD” presented by the company  from Alba “Coincidenze” where the protagonist is faced with two strange characters: Es and Super Io.

For families whose exhibition “Families at the Theatre” is dedicated, excellent places are still available for the show scheduled in the Michelangelo Abbado room “FAVOLE AL TELEFONO – the Musical”, scheduled on Sunday 26th January 2020, at 4.30 pm. Freely adapted from the stories of Gianni Rodari, the show tells of Giovannino, a curious little boy who finds an old mother’s phone in the cellar: the same one to whom his grandfather used to call her every night to tell her a fairy tale.

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