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A look on Milan; at Ciacco’s is always the ice cream season

At Ciacco’s is always the ice cream season: put on your festive table the traditional panettone ice cream or the gorgonzola flavour one to combine with the most iconic recipes and many delicious creams to use in the kitchen for Christmas dishes.

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Who says that ice cream is good only in summer?

Stefano Guizzetti, expert ice cream maker and chemical scientist, transforms the most winter raw material into delicious cones with his unique technique: fibres and proteins of natural origin and many hours of study in the laboratory to maintain the naturalness of flavours and consistency.

Gluten-free ice-creams and sorbets based on cinnamon or with marsala, chilli or pumpkin, or bold like the one with tuna sauce or 60 months Parmigiano Reggiano. Stefano thinks and creates these flavours not only for his ice cream parlours in Parma and Milan, but also to be used in the kitchen along with traditional Christmas dishes.

Just think of panettone ice cream, the Milanese recipe par excellence, which looks great with a good hot zabaglione or with cooked apples or to the one with tuna sauce, to combine with some veal as required by the Piedmontese tradition.

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