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A look on Milan: Giacomo’s Christmas is made of tradition

The 2019 Christmas by Giacomo Milano: for the holidays all the elegance of the great Milanese tradition.

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Pasticceria Giacomo
Via Pasquale Sottocorno, 5, 20129 Milano MI
Telefono02 7631 9147


Even Giacomo Milanois  kneading and churning out the best of leavened products according to the oldest Milanese tradition for the Christmas period.

For over sixty years, a reference point for Milanese restaurants, Giacomo’s Christmas is made of traditions and great family celebrations: for days the laboratory has been producing the classic Panettone along with the Gianduia, the Veneziana versions and the Pandoro, according to the original recipe followed to perfection by the  Elena and Giulia Monti sisters, grandchildren of Giacomo Bulleri and heirs of the pastry mastery. Without added preservatives and fragrant, they arrive in the unmistakable packages with the golden profile of Giacomo on the Milanese tables, giving  a touch of classic elegance.

Beside the leavened products he offers many other sweet proposals, from the great classics like the “Tronchetto” or the “Cioccolatini” to the most original gift ideas, true gems of taste carefully chosen by Giacomo among the artisans of all the regions, to enclose all the best of Italy.

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