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A look on Milan: Dersett restaurant

The Dersett restaurant (which means “17” in the Milanese dialect) is the paradise of “comfort food”: namely dishes in which innovation and tradition come together to recall ancient flavours and sensations. It is the “food of happiness”!

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Chef Luca Ferrara states:

“Our menu is a journey through flavours, regions, ingredients and recipes. We don’t digress in the kitchen. We have very specific guidelines: old recipes proposed in a modern way, respecting traditional ingredients and using new cooking technologies”.

The Dersett is open from Monday to Saturday at dinner and will welcome you with COMFORT FOOD dishes.

You can order à la carte or choose the tasting menu (5 surprise courses).

Any examples?

  • The delicious croquettes with a soft heart, cheese and pepper.
  • Gragnanopaccheri pasta stuffed with ricotta, pecorino cheese and onion, Mantuan pumpkin cream, slightly spicy gorgonzola fondue.
  • octopus and pan-fried calamari with tomato sauce and potatoes according to the Apulian recipe.
  • And to finish the Sicilian cannoli.

The aperitif and after dinner can be accompanied not only by a carefully selected wine list, but also by excellent cocktails.

The location is characterised by simple furnishing, warm tones and soft lights, which make the Dersett a small living room where you can enjoy a dinner of taste and well-being together.

VialeGianGaleazzo 17 – Milan .

Info and reservations:
Tel. 02 840 847 87

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