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A look on Milan: Valhalla, the Viking restaurant

In Milan, near Darsena, you can find the first Viking restaurant in Italy, the Valhalla.

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The cuisine is based on an in-depth research of the food of the ancient Nordic populations, reinterpreted in a modern key: the focus is on game.

The menu meats are carefully chosen by the chef, who looks for breeders and hunters all over the world, recalling the spirit of the ancient Viking researchers.

The predominant cooking techniques are embers and low temperatures, with particular smokes and marinades.

The interiors of the restaurant are rich in references evocative of the Viking culture, in order to provoke curiosity and wonder.

For example here you can taste:

• Mimir: a potato rock with black truffle mousse, boar stew and parsley powder (it is made with mushroom powder too, but for personal preference I asked it without)

• Odin: venison tartare with sweet and sour red onion and pine scent  bread foam

• Thor: beef  back ribs with smoked potato purée

• Freya: milk chocolate mousse with 77% chocolate brownie, sea buckthorn ice cream and gold leaves

Via Gaetano Ronzoni 2, Milan (Darsena) TEL +39 0284041503

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