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A look on Milan: the superstars by Pasticceria Martesana

It’s time for Panettone and at Pasticceria Martesana  the leavened SuperStars of the Milanese winter are waiting for you. This year do not muss the new luscious “I Tre Cioccolati” and “Augusto”, the first Tasting panettone.

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There is no Christmas without panettone – and above all without the leavened that Enzo Santoro and the pastry chef team of Pasticceria Martesana have churned out in Milan for five decades.

The Panettoni line is enriched with novelties without forgetting the successes of past years, which have become true “cult” and highly anticipated products by people: this year the new entries are the “Augusto Panettone”, to be tasted  with a glass of wine, very fragrant with coffee and candied cherries, and the Panettone  “Tre Cioccolati”.

Pasticceria Martesana awaits you at Palazzo Bovara on December 14th-15th at “Artisti del Panettone”, the event that celebrates the well-known leavened products for the second consecutive year, enhancing the excellence of the greatest Italian confectioners.

Enzo Santoro with the beloved “Panetun de l’Enzo” will be the protagonist of the blind tasting on Saturday 14th December at 12.00.

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