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A look on Milan: Tutankhamun Realexperience

Tutankhamun Realexperience: the treasures of the Egyptian necropolis in an immersive experience

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Tutankhamun Realexperience: a multisensory experience with which to retrace the traits of Egyptian civilization, to then relive, with Howard Carter, the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb.

The treasures of the Egyptian necropolis and an unprecedented immersive experience by the Scientific Committee: Miroslav Barta (president), Christian Loeben, Liam McNamara, Gabriele Pieke, ZahiHawass and Francesco Tiradritti (for the archaeological section).

The exhibition aims to tell the journey “beyond the darkness” of the most famous of the pharaohs. A selection of precious original objects from public and private collections revolves around the absolute masterpiece of the exhibition: the statue of the young Tutankhamun.

Through an exciting multi-sensory experience, the traits of Egyptian civilization are retraced, and then, with Howard Carter, the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb is revived.

20.2.2020 – 2.6.2020
Viaggiooltre le tenebre. Tutankhamun Realexperience

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