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Cribs: tradition and history

Guided tour to discover the churches of the city with the Cuneo Alps guides on December 15th.

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The churches of the historical centre of Cuneo (Sant’Ambrogio, San Sebastiano, Cattedrale) have been documented since the Middle Ages, but over time they have been rebuilt in a Baroque or neoclassical style, on the subject of the great architects of the area: Giovenale Boetto, Francesco Gallo and Antonio Bono.

At Christmas they frame traditional Piedmontese and Neapolitan cribs.

Departure to Piazza Foro Boario – ATL del Cuneese | (duration: 90 min.)

PRICE: € 5,00

Info: Cônitours – Consorzio Operatori Turistici Provincia di Cuneo Via Pascal, 7 – 12100 Cuneo, tel. 0171/69.62.06 – 0171/69.87.49, or click here to access the booking site.

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