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Limone Piemonte gets the Touring Club orange flag

On Wednesday 11th December, at the Press Room of the Palace of the Piedmont Region in Piazza Castello in Turin, the Vice Mayor and Councillor for Tourism of Limone Piemonte Rebecca Viale and the Vice President of the ATL of the Cuneo Beppe Carlevaris have withdrawn with pride the Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club.

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Three flags officially delivered, against 24 applications received. The winners include the Municipalities of Moncalvo (AT), Usseglio (To) and, for the province of Cuneo, the Municipality of Limone Piemonte.

Among the reasons that led to the acceptance of Limone’s candidacy, there is the skiing area of ​​the Riserva Bianca Region which boasts about 80 km of slopes with numerous slopes and ski lifts, offering the possibility of snowboarding, ice skating, paragliding and ski mountaineering trails. Limone Piemonte is a historically significant centre for its crucial location along the road connecting with Ventimiglia and the Mediterranean coast via the Col di Tenda. It is a natural amphitheatre surrounded by green valleys, which make Limone a popular summer resort already in the 19th century. However it is in the winter season that the town becomes the queen of the Maritime Alps, attracting enthusiasts on its ski slopes, the so-called White Reserve, which also hosted World Cup races. Do not miss the historic centre as a whole, lively and welcoming, the historical-cultural resources and gastronomic excellences mainly related to cheeses, meat from Italian and Piedmontese Pezzata Rossa cows, and honey. Of great interest are the events and manifestations proposed, such as the summer concerts on Lake Terrasole, the mountain bike competition “La Via del Sale” and the traditional Ferragosto concert by the “Bartolomeo Bruni” Orchestra, City of Cuneo held in summer 2019 .Rebecca Viale, declared: “We are proud of this result that stimulates us and commits us to allocate resources in the tourist, cultural and sporting fields in order to always maintain a high quality standard of services offered to citizens and tourists.” Together with you in Turin, Beppe Carlevaris stated: “This important recognition is a further demonstration of the growth of our territory in terms of enhancing the historical, cultural and environmental heritage. Limone Piemonte maintains the value of a unique alpine village with unparalleled architectural, historical and naturalistic features that must be preserved and made accessible in sustainable terms. The Orange Flag rewards not only Limone, but the entire Vermenagna Valley for the valuable tourist offer that makes it coveted a destination for holidays and vacations throughout the year. “

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