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21st edition of “I expose my crib”

From December 22nd to January 6th 2020 at Palazzo Samone in via Amedeo Rossi n. 4 in Cuneo.

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Info: Circolo Acli Amici del Presepio Salvatore Vento  338.3525553 Giovanni Zavattero  333.3028355


On Sunday 22 December, at 11 am, the exhibition of artistic nativity scenes “Espongo il mio crib” will be inaugurated, now in its twenty-first edition.

The exhibition is organized by the numerous members led by the crib master and president of the Acli Circle “Amici del presepio di Cuneo”, Salvatore Vento.

There will be over 50 artistic works, from national artists from Cuneo, Turin, Grugliasco, Borgaro Torinese, Savona, Naples, Giffoni Valle Plain, and sections reserved for hobbyists, schools and children, thanks to the competition for works of schools organized in collaboration with the Social Education sector of the Municipality.

This year they will exhibit around forty shepherds, with a height of twenty centimeters, from the Palermo school (internationally renowned artists), set in a large Palestinian scene created by Salvatore Vento. Mechanical cribs and a large rural setting in the Varaita Valley will be on display.

Numerous artists and volunteers will be present to guide visitors in order to appreciate the works and techniques used in the realization to the smallest detail.

The exhibition, in which local and national artists take part each year with unpublished works, will be open from December 22nd 2019 to January 6th 2020 in the exhibition halls of Palazzo Samone (in Via Amedeo Rossi 4), in Cuneo.

Hours: weekdays from 15 to 19 – Saturdays and holidays 10-12 and 15-19

Extraordinary openings with guided tour for groups

Free admission

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