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Last concert of the festival Venerdinote

The Venerdinote project continues, so loved by young people because it offers them a prestigious stage to make themselves known and appreciated by the public.

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Per info: 011.4399212 – 339/29.78.912 (Piero)


The concerts will take place as usual at the Violeta Parra Centre (misunderstanding) (via Pio la Torre, 3) of Beinasco.

The last concert of the Venerdinote event in December is scheduled for Friday 20th at 9.30pm with Almost Famous, a cover band featuring 80s rock songs (Guns ‘n’ Roses, Bon Jovi, Neil Young, U2, Queen, ACDC, Scorpions, Kiss , Lenny Kravitz and many others) and is composed of six elements: vocals, drums, 2 guitars, bass and keyboard.

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