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Bandakadabra and the Christmas Parade

Over two hours of entertainment in the pedestrian streets of Saluzzo to brighten up Sunday shopping, Christmas atmosphere and music to wish you best wishes, smile and have fun.

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On Sunday 22nd December 2019 –3.30 pm- Piazza Cavour

Three musical sets interspersed with two pauses and a grand finale near the Sagrato del Duomo. Starring: Gipo Di Napoli (bass drum and jokes), Stefano “Piri” Colosimo (Trumpet), Giulio Piola (Trumpet), Tiziano Di Sansa (alto sax), Marco Di Giuseppe (Tenor Sax), Cecio Grano (Tenor Sax), Filippo Ruà (Tuba, Susafono), Giorgio Giovannini (trombone), Gabriele Luttino (drum)


Seven winds instruments. Two percussions. Rocksteady, balkan and swing, a real walking orchestra that combines the energy of the street sound formations of the big bands of the thirties.

Created in Turin, the Bandakadabra boasts a frenetic live activity that has led it to perform both in Italy and in the rest of Europe and to gain a growing attention from fans, thanks to a successful combination of music and cabaret and a show capable to conquer any kind of audience.

From the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues FestivalaChalon dans le rues, passing through Jazz sous le pommiers, the Udin Jazze ilPremio Tenco, in just four years the Bandakadabra has performed hundreds of times throughout Europe, including musical events, theatres, street festivals , establishing itself as a unique artistic reality of its kind.

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