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“Art en ciel” artists from Cuneo

The artist Egidio Giubergia, of the Association «Art en ciel», has set up his personal exhibition in Cuneo, that will be opened until January 31st, at the «Lo Spigolo» bar in Via Alba 51.

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Thus, poetically, and concretely, he presents himself: «I was born in 1958 in a small town in the Cuneo plain, Montanera. Life transported me to Alta Langa, to Belvedere Langhe, where I live. It is in these hills, in these woods that I rediscovered my spirit. I walk very often and even if the path is the same, in every season it is always different in every day, the scents, the colours, the sounds are different. I’ve always messed with brushes. I started with the ink then the oil, the acrylic and now the watercolour. I’m completely self-taught, I try and if I’m wrong I’m looking for another way, like in life. The watercolour is unpredictable, you can’t joke, the coloured water moves and sometimes it goes where you didn’t think, you have to let it flow and wait. It is said that one paints for oneself, it is not true. It is painted with the hope that what you do can be shared by someone else. To hope to see in the eyes of another person who observes the picture, if there is the same suggestion, the same feeling that one felt when drawing. That’s why I prefer the figurative. In every look or gesture of the person I represent on a piece of paper, I try to tell his story, his life, his emotion. There are nests under the roof of the house where I live. Swallows come back every spring ».

Also in Cuneo, at the “Caffè Ferrua”, in Piazza Seminario are located some of the most evocative works (only pastels and watercolours) by the painter Fernanda Prudenzano, president of “Art en ciel”.

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