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Bra, family theatre: “Valentina wants” at the Politeama

The new year of the Politeama Boglione di Bra opens with a show for families: on Sunday 5th January 2020 at 4 pm the children’s show “Apriti Sesamo” brings to the stage “Valentina wants”, a small narration for actresses and puppets recommended to an audience ages 3 and up.

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“Valentina wants” is the simple story of a little girl. Who is also a princess. It has everything: it lives in a safe place, where nothing is missing. But she is always angry and screams, always screams, because everyone wants, more and more. Maybe she’s missing something, but she doesn’t know what. And the grown-ups? They seem not to understand. Sometimes the most important thing is also the most difficult to see and find. And to do it Valentina will have to search the world, because that’s where you have to go to become grown up. “Valentina wants”, staged by Consuelo Ghiretti and Francesca Grisenti with puppets by Ilaria Commisso, is a fable of wishes and dreams, vices, whims and rules. And the courage that the little ones and their grown-ups must have in order to grow.

Tickets for the show are on sale for 5 euros for accompanying adults, while children enter for free. Tickets can be purchased at the theatre box office every Friday afternoon from 3 to 7pm.

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