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The New Year in Cuneo

The ALL 4U association wants to celebrate the new year in Cuneo, in one of its most beautiful squares in order to make the city an attractive and welcoming place for an audience regardless of age.

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Associazione Culturale All4u 339.6505277


The event has reached its 16th edition, organized thanks to the sponsorship and contribution of the Municipality of Cuneo, in Piazza Foro Boario, thanks also to the collaboration of the local Baladin.

This year’s musical entertainment will be offered by the live RADIO DANCE group which will liven up the evening from the natural stage of Piazza Foro Boario with a very captivating musical line-up designed exclusively to entertain the public.

The highlight of the evening will obviously be the stroke of midnight, when after the countdown, participants will be offered a tasting of panettone and sparkling wine to celebrate the last of the year.

The entrance is from 11 pm and with free and free admission.

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