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Photo exhibition # Mondovìvola

Organized by the Monregalese photographic association Nuova Mondoviphoto, an exhibition of shots dedicated to hot air balloons (Mondovì Breo, from 4th to 6th January).

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The photographic exhibition aims to be a visual journey that tells us with a few shots the previous aerostatic gatherings of the Epiphany to make the visitor understand that aerial vision allows a privileged look at the world. If we could detach our shadow from the ground and be able to fly several meters above the ground, we would only amplify the wonder for the eyes and spirit that Earth still offers us. From above we could enjoy the cultivated fields and the geometries that the farmers unknowingly create and that offer the flying dreamer an infinite texture as far as the eye can see. An experience that is possible thanks to this wonderful means of transport.

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