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The harmonies of memory

The 2020 artistic season of the “Armonie della Memoria” of Savigliano runs from 1st January to 17th April in the name of the proactive variety supported by careful choices for the interpreter park.

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It will start on Wednesday 1st January at the Milanollo Theatre at 5 pm with the “New Year’s Concert” which this year hosts the Budapest Tzigana Orchestra. Conducts Antal Szalai (violin and conductor); on stage also the actress Barbara Amodio. In collaboration with the Friends of the SS. Annunziata di Savigliano.

An orchestral complex of great charm and with a solid tradition behind: this is the Budapest Tzigana Orchestra, conducted by Antal Szalai, considered the best Gypsy violinist in the world. The orchestra was born in 1969 on the initiative of Antal Szalai in collaboration with musicians from various Budapest orchestras with the aim of proposing and enhancing the Gypsy musical tradition. The repertoire includes pieces of national music from the era of the Reformation, traditional music and arrangements of popular songs but also classical pieces from Liszt, Brahms, Hungarian dances and rural music. Since the first appearances, the Orchestra has achieved critical and public accolades and successes, quickly becoming the nation’s most popular orchestra. He boasts tours in forty countries (United States, China, Japan, India, Canada, South America, etc.) and many European cities and has numerous records to his credit. According to Szalai “the gypsies are very characterful people … and gypsy music comes from the heart. There is a lot of feeling and it is romantic. ” So forget the imitations and, if the keystone of Hungarian Gypsy music is the violin, Szalai is a master.

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