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The director Francesco Amato presents “18 gifts” in his city

The Vittoria Multisala cinema in Bra is pleased to announce that on Friday 3rd January 2020 at 9 pm the Braidese director Francesco Amato will be present at the Vittoria Cinema in Bra at the screening of his latest film “18 regal”, to be released in Italian theatres on 2nd January 2020.

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At the end of the screening, the director and his daughter Susanna, who interprets the film, will meet the audience in the room.

18 GIFTS – inspired by the true story of Elisa Girotto.



Inspired by the extraordinary story of Elisa Girotto, the woman who moved the world by leaving 18 gifts for her daughter’s future birthdays when she discovered that she had little time to see her grow. As every year Alessio (Edoardo Leo) gives his daughter Anna (Benedetta Porcaroli) a gift left to her by Elisa (Vittoria Puccini). It is Anna’s eighteenth birthday and the last gift remains to be discarded, but a desire for rebellion and a sense of unbridgeable emptiness push her to run away from the party organized by her father. He finds himself wandering at night in the middle of the road and a car, not seeing it, runs over it. Upon awakening Anna finds herself face to face with the mother she has never known. Destiny thus gives her the opportunity to get to know Elisa, and make herself known in an extraordinary journey full of emotions and hope.

The film was made with the collaboration of Alessio Vicenzotto, Elisa’s husband, who wanted in this way to send a new message of strength to the many sick women who found an example in Elisa.

In his previous works Francesco Amato, the director with whom the project of “18 Regali” was born, has always chosen to prefer the story of emotions. This is his first film that moves the steps from a true story and keeping this commitment was the starting point, respecting the public but above all the true protagonists of the story. Thanks to the involvement of Elisa’s family, it was possible to transform the story about mourning into a magical tale that goes beyond the news, in order to give the public a great love story before anything else.

These are the words of Francesco Amato: “Maybe one day Anna, who is only three years old today, will see this film and even if it will not be the same thing, she will perceive the embrace of her mother. But not only her. I believe that “18 Regali” is a universal film and that each of us can feel invested by the emotion of a story that touches on the themes of love, loss, time that divides “.

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