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Marron glacè from Cuneo, refined specialties

The humble fruit of the chestnut, for centuries called “the bread of the poor”, transformed with the techniques of the art of confectionery becomes delicious gourmet refinement.

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Among the most delicate phases, ice-making that is to cover the chestnuts with a thin layer of crystallized sugar syrup that, for some time, preserves the internal humidity and gives them a shiny and attractive appearance.



Cuneo Marron Glacè are created using chestnuts (marrone, marrubia, garrone rosso and garrone nero), produced in the whole province and they are produced using candied fruits.

Area of production

The area of production includes all the municipalities of the Cuneo province.


The Marron glacé were born in the 16th century thanks to the America sugar. The tradition tells they were born due to a diatribe between French and Piedmontsese inhabitants. Marron glacé spread in France between the end of the 17th century and the first years of the 18th century.

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