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At the Teatro Sociale in Alba the show “OGGI LA COMICA”

Sunday 12th January 2020, at 4.30 pm, in the Sala Marianna Torta Morolin of the Teatro Sociale in Alba the show “OGGI LA COMICA” will be presented with by Alessandro Larocca (actor, mime, clown) of the company I Fratelli Caproni and included in the Family Review at the theatre.

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Between gags, jokes and juggling, Augusto Tacchetti, a “specialized dreamer” will try his hand at building a car.

A special delivery arriving at its destination very late, perhaps forgotten in some corner of an old warehouse or in some truck body. But never forgotten by our Augusto Tacchetti “specialized dreamer” who as a child wanted to be a car pilot, fly an airplane or command a large ship. Here one day Augusto finds himself with great surprise in front of a large parcel delivered to him at home, as if by magic he could finally fulfill one of his many old wishes, to be able to build a car an old Ford T from the early twentieth century.

As in a great “silent film comedian” between gags, jokes and clowns  games, a funny montage of fantastic situations unfolds, which sees our protagonist struggling with wheels, bonnets, connecting rods, pistons and engine.

Will our hero manage to complete his dream? 

This is what awaits us in this show dedicated to little dreamers to those eternal children who build existing reality with their imagination.

All tickets for the 2019-2020 season can be purchased:

At the box office of the theatre (Piazza Vittorio Veneto 3 – Alba) on Thursdays from 15.00 to 18.00 and on the days of show programming starting two hours before the start of the event.

· In the points of sale of the Piedmont Ticket Circuit (in Alba Libreria La Torre – via Vittorio Emanuele 19 / g – tel. 0173/33658). The complete list of points of sale is on the website

· On line on the website

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