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Live music and dance for the exhibition “Picasso and his legacy in Italian art”

On Sunday 12th¬† January, on the occasion of the last opening day of the exhibition “Picasso and his legacy in Italian art” scheduled at Palazzo Salmatoris in Cherasco, the guided tours will be accompanied by a series of mini performances of classical and contemporary dance in curated by Joanne Cook Dance Academy ASD.

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The choreography, based on music by Loren Balfe (taken from Genius Picasso – National Geographic Original Series Soundtrack) and Erik Satie, add the dimension of sound and movement to the exhibition, in accordance with the work of Picasso that he has always included, since the beginning , ballet and theatre in their artistic research.

Music and choreography will transform the visit into a real experience and will make the visit even more unforgettable and suggestive.

On the last day, the two curators, Cinzia Tesio and Rino Tacchella, and the artistic director Riccardo Gattolin will also be present and welcome visitors.

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