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Also for 2020, the Racconigi Tourist Office returns to offer visits to the Royal Castle and the city with curious insights.

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In January, the Tourist Office offers two in-depth visits with the Castle as its protagonist.

On 12th January the classic visit will be enriched with information and curiosities related to the “Royal Wedding”. The starting point was the marriage between the Prince of Piedmont Umberto and the Princess of Belgium Maria José which took place in Rome on January 8, 1930. The bride and groom received the Racconigi Castle for use for the wedding. Around this event, we will discover some curiosities about the wedding of the Princes of Carignano, the Dukes of Savoy, the Kings of Sardinia and Italy, of missed and other unexpected weddings, honeymoons and wedding dresses.

The proposal is part of the “Taste us taste!” Project, candidate by ATL Cuneese for the 2019 Call L.R 14/2016 art.21 of the Piedmont Region.

On 19th January the death of the first Prince of Carignano, Tommaso di Savoia, who passed away on 22 January 1656 is commemorated. By introducing the baroque themes that will characterize the cultural events of 2020 in Piedmont, the story focuses on Tommaso and the two Princes of the family who they left their mark between the 17th and 18th centuries: his son Emanuele Filiberto known as Muto and his nephew Luigi Vittorio.

The visits organized in collaboration with the Conitours Consortium take place with departure from the Tourist Office with entry times at 11: 00.14: 30-16: 00.


Conitours – 0171 696206 –


Racconigi Tourist Office – 3920811406 –

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