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Arthouse review – popular cinema

The widespread cinema is an initiative inaugurated in 1992, born with the primary objective of promoting, thanks to the circuitry of quality films, a widespread decentralization of cinema activities on the regional territory, reaching small realities where it was normally penalized (when not totally absent) arthouse programming.

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Info: cinema teatro Iris di Dronero, Amedeo tel. +39 393 5625 551


Scheduled at the Teatro Teatro Iris in Dronero (5 screenings season ticket € 10, single screenings entrance € 3):

– Friday 17th January – 9pm: My daughter

Directed by Laura Bispuri. A journey in which three female figures alternate, seek each other, approach and move away, love and hate each other.

– Friday 7th February – 9pm: Bangla

Directed by Phaim Bhuiyan. The life of Pahim, a young Bengali Muslim born in Italy 22 years ago. He lives with his family in Torpignattara, the multiethnic district of Rome.

– Friday 13th March – 9pm: Daphne

Directed by Federico Bondi. A young woman with Down syndrome faces mother’s death and father’s depression.

– Friday 17th April – 9pm: Too much Grace

Directed by Gianni Zanasi. The story of a paranormal encounter between an otherworldly being and a being who lives on earth.

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