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Tumin del Mel, intense aroma and delicate flavor

It is used in the dough of the “raviole” of Val Varaita but it is often eaten naturally with boiled potatoes or simply with fresh homemade bread.

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Pleasant taste with sweet hints and hints of fresh, slightly salty milk make this cheese a delicacy of the production area that coincides with the municipalities of Frassino, Melle and Valmala.


Identikit and main features

The Tumin del Mel is prepared used fresh milk produced by piedomontese cows and crossings, fed with local fodders. Sometimes is added goat’s milk (not over than 10%). The taste is sweet, slightly acid and not too salty in fresh forms, whereas in the more seasoned the fragrances are more intense thanks to the muddles development on the rids, which is edible. It is generally cylindrical disk-like shape. When the cheese is fresh the rind is not so visible and the colour is milk white; instead, when it is seasoned the rind is white with muddles on it. The texture is ivory white.

Area of production

The traditional area pf production included the municipalities of Melle, Frassino and Valmala. The PDO disciplinary extends the production also to the neighbouring districts of Brossasco, Isasca, Piasco, Rossana, Sampeyre and Venasca.


The Tumin del Mel was born at the end of the 19th century on the mountains of Valle Varaita between the borough of Frassino and Melle. More recent studies have demonstrated that four inhabitants of Frassino, in Borgata “Vitoun”, were the founders of this cheese. They created the Tumin de Mel because they needed an alternative to the butter. The production spread to the neighbouring villages and then it was sold on the market of Melle, from it took its name. After the Second World War, the market of Melle has lost its importance and since then the cheese has been sold in local shops spread in the Cuneo and Saluzzo areas. Since 1974, in August, Melle helds the “Toumin del Mel”.

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