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A look on Milan: De Chirico told by Daverio


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After the great exhibition in 1970, the Pictor Optimus (appellative which comes from his incredible technical ability, combined with interest in the classical world) returns in the rooms of the Royal Palace with a retrospective that collects a hundred masterpieces. From youthful works to metaphysical ones, from portraits to mannequins, a thematic path made of unpublished comparisons and unrepeatable combinations (thanks to precious loans), which reconstructs the original and very modern research of one of the greatest exponents of 20th century art. Born in Greece, in Volos, in 1888, in his 90 years of life (he died in Rome in 1978), Giorgio de Chirico moves between Athens (where he studied), Ferrara (where he met De Pisis and CarrĂ ), New York, Milan, Florence (where he painted the first metaphysical square), but it is in Paris that he found his ideal dimension, it is there that he confronted the avant-garde, it is there that he met Apollinaire, Max Jacob, Picasso. Intellectual, as well as an artist, de Chirico paints, writes, treatises and articles, but above all theorizes, Cocteau said about him: “an accurate painter borrows from his dream the accuracy of inaccuracy, the use of truth to promote forgery” . A perfect summary of the visions and of the “phantasmic world” that the author brings to the canvas, changing his point of view from time to time (continually moving between figurative and metaphysical) but always remaining true to himself.



Palazzo Reale
Piazza del Duomo 12, 20122 Milan


from 25th September 2019


14/12 euros

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