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The next appointments in the Mirafiore Foundation

This week both the Permanent “Resistenza  permanente”  Workshop and the Family Shows resume.

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Let’s start with the meeting with the Mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando, entitled: “The planetary garden”, scheduled on Friday 17th January, at 7pm.

Leoluca Orlando is the mayor of Palermo, but he is also a highly ethical leader, a symbol of the fight against the mafia. He is a staunch supporter of an integration policy, which he puts in place every day in his city overlooking the Mediterranean.

At the end of the meeting, for those who wish, it will be possible to have dinner at the Osteria Disguido with a la carte menu, upon reservation, by writing to or by calling 0173 626442.

The next events of the  Laboratory: Nando Pagnoncelli (25th January), master of the polls and attentive observer of their repercussions on political and social life, Alessandro Milan (1st February), host of Radio 24 and author of “Two million kisses” , recently released in bookstores, and Lamberto Fescobaldi (7th February), a great wine producer, who will tell us about a fortunate oenological experience with the prisoners of Gorgona.


For children and families the first appointment is for Sunday 19th January, at 4pm, with the theatrical show “On the wire of the circus” by and with Daniela Febino and Collettivo Scirò.

Participation in all events, including the Sunday Family Show, is free as always.

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