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Bra: “Il Pipistrello” by Johann Strauss

A great operetta classic, presented in a new production that combines the pomp of the setting with the skill of the performers. Johann Strauss’s “Il Pipistrello” is the next appointment of the prose season of the Politeama Boglione di Bra theatre, scheduled for Wednesday 22nd January 2020 at 9 pm.

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Info: Città di Bra – Ufficio Cultura e Turismo
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If with “Il Pipistrello” – staged for the first time in Vienna in 1874 – the audience of almost one hundred and fifty years ago found optimism, pleasure and desire to live, who can deny that, even today, it does not have vital matrix of which this operetta is pervaded serve? Yesterday and today therefore blend intimately in this new Bat, as well as its famous melodies are inextricably linked to the structure of the operetta-waltz that Strauss invented with his illuminated expressive ductility and that has brought this operetta to be, still today, one of the masterpieces of world musical theatre.

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