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The first appointment with Burattinarte

The first appointment will be Sunday, January 19th, in Corneliano, with “Il mercante di legnate”.

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50 minutes


On Sunday 19th January, at the Cinema Vekkio in Corneliano, Paolo Rech will hide behind the puppet shack; he is one of the most well-known figure artists in Italy and Europe. After studying Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures at the Iulm University in Feltre, he carried out research on puppetry in the work of Garcia Lorca, he moved with ease between Europe, Africa and South America, receiving numerous awards and giving life to the theatrical review … Let alone! In the Belluno area and then also in Asmara, Ethiopia.

The show on the calendar comes from the proven artistic union between Paolo Rech (puppeteer) and Nelso Salton (talented multi-instrumentalist). Starting from the roots of the puppet theater tradition, “Il mercante di legnate” merges different languages ​​together, from storytelling, singing, to theatrical animation, keeping each figure in the right balance, thus offering a very enjoyable and unedited adventure of the perhaps most famous mask of the Commedia dell’Arte, Arlecchino.

The plot:

Arlecchino, dirt poor, cultivates the ambition to marry the daughter of the King, who, of course, wants to give her  to a handsome and intelligent man, provided he is also rich.

Thus Arlecchino goes into business, selling what he has always received: “sonorous” whacks! Honest merchant, Arlecchino will give everyone his own, teaching everyone not to do to others what they would not like people to do to themselves.

Show for families and children from 4 years.

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