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Inferno SnowRun in Prato Nevoso Ski

From Saturday 18th January the doors of Italy’s most adrenaline-filled and fun Hell will reopen, not a simple race but a challenge with yourself thanks to which you can face your limits with a smile, rediscovering determination and energy.

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To overcome the diabolical natural and artificial obstacles on the Inferno tracks, characterized by various differences in height and distances, you will need strength, speed, agility and endurance.

But the secret to reaching the goal will be above all the mutual support that the “open participants” will be able to give along the way in climbing walls, climbing ropes, crossing ropes in balance or suspended structures hanging from rungs and rings, together with a strong motivation.


The circuit will start on Saturday 18th January with Inferno Snow from the snowy Alps of Piedmont, more precisely from the enchanting ski resort Prato Nevoso Ski in the province of Cuneo. At  1500 masl, the frenzied participate in a 7 km race with a 200 m difference in altitude and about 20 obstacles, starting from the uphill start from the famous “conca”. Various walls of snow and an ice climb to go up await them, but also snow tracks in which to crawl and weights to drag.

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