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Harmonies of memory

After the New Year’s concert with the Tzigana Orchestra of Budapest, on Sunday 19th January at 5 pm at the Palazzo Taffini in Savigliano, another appointment of great importance with a musical story by Ferdinando Molteni, “I don’t know where it is: looking for Irene Nemirowski”. Elena Buttero and Piera Raineri on the piano (four hands) and Ferdinando Molteni acting voice.

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July 1942

Irène Némirowsky, a popular French writer of Russian origin, disappears from her home. She is arrested and deported to Auschwitz. Her husband Michel Epstein begins a desperate search for his bride. He will never know where Irène has gone. He will also die in the same concentration camp a few months later. The recital tells the story of a disappearance and how the persecution of the Jews was also a story of lives vanished into thin air. Live music by the four-handed piano duo completes the show. The musical pieces presented, mostly original for this group, are written by the composers Fanny Hensel Mendelsshon, Mel Bonis, Marie Jaëll, Cécile Chaminade and Amy Beach, the latter of which are contemporary of Irène Némirowsky. 

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