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“Le bicy di Gianpy” – exhibition in Cuneo

“Le bicy di Gianpy”  is the title of the exhibition that the Exhibition Hall of the Provincia (Corso Nizza, Corso Dante corner) hosts in Cuneo from January 24th to February 2nd.

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The bicycles, original and unique in their kind, were designed and manufactured by Gianpaolo Belliardo, a Dronerese and employee of the Province who died a few months ago at the age of 46 for an incurable disease.

The exhibition was created by some friends and colleagues in collaboration with the Lilt association (Italian League to fight cancer), provincial section of Cuneo.

Mountain and excursions lover, Belliardo was also gifted with great dexterity and inventiveness. In his spare time he loved to build and make changes to objects, involving his amused children, but above all to design and build particular bicycles, some without spokes, without hub or with three wheels, which can be admired in the exhibition. Among his creations he had also completed the “Safari” restyling of a Renault 4, taking care of it down to the smallest detail.

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